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As an independently owned stockist of leading branded drinking water taps, we support Australian products and brands that are continually striving to reduce their environmental impact.

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From state of the art designs to budget models, we offer the ideal solution for all your drinking water needs. Choose from instant boiling, chilled, ambient or sparkling water. These are available in under bench, wall mounted and free standing options.
We are independent to the manufacturers, so we will provide the smartest solution which is often a combination of different brands and models. Kitchen cabinet designs and plumbing can vary dramatically within the same building. Why spend money modifying your cabinetry when you can purchase the correct unit to suit your specific situation? The best combination of brands we recommend for your unique needs may vary depending on:
  • Your anticipated volume of usage in each room
  • Special discounts available from manufacturers
  • State of the art design and features suited for different locations
  • The existing plumbing and cabinetry
To ensure your team has a ready source of healthy drinking water, contact usYou might be surprised how quickly we can respond.
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AquaClear can supply filtered drinking water to your office without any capital expense to you. This is a 100% tax deductible, hassle free solution that is tailored to suit your budget. Usually a 2 or 3 year contract, with buy out or upgrade options available at the end of the duration.

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AquaClear specialises as the leading sales and service provider for all brands of filtered drinking water taps. With full time technicians on the road, we can easily call in and provide an obligation free quote to ensure you are investing in the ideal solution.
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Our skilled and highly qualified technicians have the experience to get it right the first time. If you're moving or renovating and need a water filter appliance replaced, installed or re-located, we can help with:
  • Chilled drinking water units
  • Boiling drinking water units
  • Combination all in one boiling, chilled, sparkling and ambient filtered systems
  • Undersink ambient or chilled water filters
  • Boiling wall mounted units
  • Chilled and Sparkling water units
  • Free Standing water dispensers
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Since 2008, we have been offering our clients a premium service experience. This starts from when you place the call with our trained admin support team to when our skilled and highly qualified technicians depart with your unit working smoothly again. From unit replacements, installations, filter changes or tap repairs, our experienced technicians will confidently meet your requirements.
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