Billi Underbench

Billi Eco

Billi Eco

The Billi Eco boiling and chilled filtered drinking water system is space saving, energy efficient and elegant. This unit is designed for a small office with capacity of up to 10 persons. (Standard lever tap pictured on the right. Also available in Remote and Touch tap)

901000 - BC 90/60

The functional style meets green building design principles, providing you with the ultimate environmentally sensitive appliance.

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Commercial-XR-chrome-03 1200x1800

Billi Quadra

The Billi Quadra boiling and chilled filtered drinking water models vary in size depending on demand. These units are capable of serving from 15 up to 180 people. Available in the Standard Lever tap, Remote tap and Touch tap options (pictured on the left).

904010 - BC 100/150

904020 - BC 120/175

904040 - BC 150/175

904060 - BC 180/175

904100 - BC 250/175

904180 - BC 350/175

The Touch and Remote taps feature no levers to interfere with the clean sophisticated style. Enjoy the convenience of both boiling and chilled filtered water from a single dispenser.

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Billi FourInOne

Billi Quadra Plus

The 3 Billi Quadra Plus models offer all the benefits of the Billi Quadra, as well as providing hot water through a separate sink mixer tap.

904025 - BC 120/175

904065 - BC 180/175

904105 - BC 250/175

Featuring it's own hot water supply, allows it to function as a hot water service for the mixer tap as well as providing boiling and chilled drinking water. This eliminates the need for a separate hot water supply and is ideal for office breakout areas. (Paddle mixer tap pictured on the right)

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Bili Eco / Quadra Sparkling

The Billi Sparkling systems are the ultimate drinking water appliance which deliver boiling, chilled and professional sparkling filtered water instantly. Available in 3 models and your choice or Standard Lever, Touch or Remote tap (pictured on the left)

903000 - BC 90/60

903060 - BC 180/120

903100 - BC 250/120

It features the Saturated sparkling system where the CO2 injection system used in the Billi Sparkling range ensures the saturation of CO2 in the water is high, ensuring it has a better life and, consequently, taste. Adjust the level of sparkling to suit your taste with adjustable controls up to 5 bar of CO2 pressure.


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Billi Quadra Sparkling Plus

The Billi Quadra Sparkling Plus has all the benefits of the Billi Quadra Sparkling, and an additional supply of hot water via a separate sink mixer. This eliminates the need for a separate hot water supply.

903065 - BC 180/120

903105 - BC 250/120

Available in 2 models and your choice of either a Paddle mixer or Gooseneck mixer tap.  (Gooseneck mixer tap pictured on the right)

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Billi Alpine

The Billi Alpine delivers invigorating chilled filtered drinking water and is available in 2 models.

932060 - C 60

932120 - C 120

Blending elegant style, futuristic design and cutting-edge technology, the Alpine meets green building requirements and ergonomic design imperatives. Features include: 

  • Stand-by mode
  • Space saving
  • No cupboard ventilation required
  • Adjustable chilled water temperature
  • Round chrome tap
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Billi Alpine 125

The Billi Alpine 125 delivers invigorating filtered chilled and ambient temperature drinking water from a single tap. Featuring a small underbench unit footprint and a modern Classic Levered tap.
93125 - C 120
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Billi Alpine Sparkling

The Billi Alpine Sparkling system provides chilled and professional sparkling water instantly. It is available in 2 models and includes the saturated sparkling system, adjustable chilled temperature, adjustable sparkling water, new Ice Bank technology (providing a higher level of carbonation) and a round chrome tap.

933060 - CS 60

933120 - CS120

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Billi Filter Tap

The Billi Filter Tap delivers invigorating ambient temperature filtered drinking water. Features include space saving underbench technology, no cupboard ventilation required, round chrome tap and unlimited drinking water
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Billi Colour

Billi Colour

Individual Style

Colours and finishes as individual as you. Billi has a range of tap designs that will complement your space. Choose from handcrafted, artisan colours and finishes. Matte White, Matte Black, Gloss White, Gloss Black, Grape, French Blue, Red, Gold, Weathered Bronze, Lime Green, Rose Gold, Chrome or specify a custom colour or finish, AquaClear will deliver your signature Billi to you.

The Billi Aqua Genius is small and dynamic, easily retrofitting into your existing kitchen. An everyday luxury you will wonder how you ever did without. The convenience of ready boiling, chilled, still or sparkling filtered water.

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