Clean Filtered water

The Nasties In Unfiltered Water

In many of Australia’s major cities, it seems virtually impossible to tell whether there are any nasties sitting in your ordinary tap water.  Take Melbourne for example, which enjoys some of the best tap drinking water of any major city on earth. But even Melbourne Water explain on their website that “the colour, taste and smell of your water can change throughout the year. This is very normal and usually depends on the following factors:
  • Source of water — your water can come from a number of reservoirs, each with natural differences in colour and mineral content
  • Demand — people tend to use more water in summer, which causes it to travel faster through the pipes
  • Temperature — temperature changes its taste (cooler water generally tastes better), and depends on the time of year.”

Not fussed?

Here is a list of common water quality problems identified on the Yarra Valley Water Website: 

  • Rusting or ageing galvanised iron pipes
  • Corroding copper pipes
  • "Small particles in the water supply system… can be caused by rusting pipes or the natural sediments in our pipes….this can become a particular problem in courts and dead-end streets.”    
  • “Just occasionally the chlorine taste is noticeable”
  • “Calcium is leached from new cement lined mains and occurs most often in new subdivisions.” 

So if all of that info made its way past the bureaucrats and PR teams in politically correct Melbourne, what’s really going on? What’s sitting in all the pipes in your building? What’s sitting in all the bigger, older pipes in the 45km before it arrives at your building? Who knows? That’s why we only recommend the world’s best brands of water filters, and why our technicians always install genuine replacement filters, unless you specify otherwise.

Clean Filtered water


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