Two easy tips for less stress as people return to work

The increasing of COVID restrictions in Victoria this week have proven yet again that this Pandemic is far from over. People are likely to be stressed about workplace hygiene more than ever before. If everybody in your team is going to feel comfortable at work, you might need to consider these tips.

Everywhere except Victoria, it seems people in non-essential workplaces are getting close to coming back to work. If you provide an essential service, your building has probably not stopped, and the people that use it have likely reached a point of fatigue. They’re likely already tired of all the extra hand sanitisation and social distancing.

What practical things you can do to minimise workplace stress and virus transmission?

Policing when people can take breaks is socially awkward. Chances are, it is not the job of any individual to police this. Keeping people apart can be bad for workplace culture, but letting them crowd into the office kitchenette or lunchroom can also make people uncomfortable. Plus, if there is even a small chance of Corona virus, or another virus invading the workplace, surely employers are obliged to take reasonable steps to minimise the spread of viruses.

So here’s our first tip: more taps = more social distancing & productivity.

You can’t do much about people queuing at lifts or using the stairs, but you can do something to practically boost social distancing in lunch rooms and kitchenettes.  

Here are a few examples: 

  1. Within your kitchenette or lunch-rooms, have a chilled/boiling tap installed at both ends of the bench. This helps stop queuing and boost productivity. This might also be a great chance to have an under-bench filtered sparkling water system installed
  2. Install additional boiler taps, chilled taps or combination systems in other building locations. For example:
    • Install filter taps in the warehouse or factory, so those staff do not need to enter administration areas to get a drink. This could also boost hydration and productivity in your factory/warehouse. 
    • Install free-standing filtered water systems in the reception or showroom areas so visitors do not need to enter your lunch-room or kitchenette to get a drink. 
    • Install free-standing filtered water systems in meeting rooms so meeting participants (especially visitors) do not need to enter your lunch-room or kitchenette to get a drink.
Here’s our second tip: fill kitchenettes with better teas, coffees, cordials and snacks

In the middle of the biggest pandemic of our lifetime, the last thing leaders want is their staff walking to the local café. With this in mind, surely it is a wise investment to regularly stock your kitchenettes and lunch rooms with fancy teas, coffees and snacks.

When you consider the massive disruption to the team if one person catches COVID-19, investing $5-$10 per team member per day could be the best risk-management investment ever.

Plus, it is likely to be really appreciated, and could help put a smile on people’s faces! 

(NB: Some clients have also invested in an under-bench filtered sparkling water system to help reduce staff visits to local cafes.)

If you’re considering investing in a Zip, Billi, Birko, Boiling Billy, Whelan or any other major brand of filtered water tap for your organisation, get a free independent opinion from AquaClear between 7am-5pm eastern on 1300 070 007. 

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