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Water Drink Reminder Apps Review – For Android Users

Following our previous blog on Apple iPhone and watch hydration apps, we’re pleased to present our mini reviews for Android phone users. 

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Drink Water Reminder: Water Tracker & Alarm
By Simple Health Lab
Free (offers in app purchases)
5 stars 245,289 reviews on GooglePlay

Keeping track of your water intake with this app is pretty much as easy as it gets. We loved this app’s alarm feature.
Everyone knows that throughout the day you are going to drink different size drinks, so it is critical for useability that you can quickly and easily edit the volume of any drink. For example, you might have a large bottle of water with lunch, but then drink from your standard office cup for the afternoon. With Drink Water Reminder, you can do that and so much more.  

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Water Drink Reminder – Hydro
By Freshware
Free (Contains ads)
4.5 stars (52,136 reviews on GooglePlay) 

Freshware have made a very simple app that calculates for you an estimate of how much water you should be drinking, and then reminds you to drink, as often as you like. You can chart your water intake and it can save your records automatically to the cloud if you are a complete nerd, elite athlete or have a health condition that necessitates such data. 

Simplicity is where this app shines. As you can see from the picture, there is a water bubble simulation to show how you are going today towards your goal, which can help you with your motivation. It is also very easy to click on the workout icon to adjust your water intake goals to suit those days where it is going to be hot or you are going to be doing some strenuous activity. 

Another key feature we like is the ease with which you can select the size of different drinks you take throughout the day. The advertising in this one is a little more annoying that most, but that’s price you pay for a free app.

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Water Balance Tracker and Drink Reminder
By Mobile Creatures
4.5 stars (123,767 reviews on GooglePlay)
Free (offers in app purchases)

Want something a little cuter? Water Time is a quirky water reminder app with a loveable little mascot. It does the basics well. You can track how much water you drink daily and receive reminders to hydrate if you slack. It shows you how much you need to drink over the course of any day, but we really like how it warns you to stop if you drink too much. This app also tracks coffee and tea intake as well and we liked that extra feature. It doesn't track your daily, weekly, or monthly stats as well as other apps, but if all you want is the reminders and a little extra motivation, who cares! 

Regardless of which app you choose, we’re sure you’ll be more conscious of water intake for as long as you use one of these apps. Your body will thank you! 

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