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Zip G4 HydroTap Instant Boiling and Chilled filtered water

This is the most popular unit among the Zip range with good old Boiling and Chilled water. There are four models available each having different capacities. 

HT1764 - G4 BC 100/75

HT1703 - G4 BC 160/125

HT1704 - G4 BC 160/175

HT1705 - G4 BC 240/175

This model is available in the Arc, Cube and Elite taps as well as the Classic tap pictured on the right.

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Zip G4 HydroTap Instant Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling filtered water

This unit is capable of adding that extra bit of fizz / sparkle to your life. There are two models available to suit your needs, as well as the choice of the Arc, Cube, Classic and Elite tap (pictured on the left)

HT1760 - G4 BCS 100/75

HT1762 - G4 BCS 160/175

HT1763 - G4 BCS 240/175

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Zip G4 All-In-One Instant Boiling, Chilled, Sparkling, Hot and Cold filtered water

Enjoy the benefits of this elegant All-In-One Sparkling HydroTap, providing boiling, chilled and sparkling water and features an integrated hot and cold filtered water tap. Available in 3 models and your choice of the Classic or the Arc tap pictured on the right.

HT1771 - G4 BCSHA 160/175 vented

HT1772 - G4 BCSHA 240/175 vented

MT2790 - G4 BCHSA Celsius vented

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Zip Cube Five-In-One Gloss Black

Zip G4 Five-In-One Instant Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling filtered water

This Five-In-One unit combines all of the Hydrotap features as well as a seperate tap with hot and cold water for washing up. Two different models are available in this unit as well as the choice of the Classic, Arc or Cube (Pictured on the left) matching taps. Other options are availiable such as the Elite tap with the mixer tap of your choice.

HT1775 - G4 BCSHA 160/175

HT1776 - G4 BCHSA 240/175

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Zip G4 HydroTap Industrial

Designed for strength and security, this Zip HydroTap is approved for the toughest industrial conditions. Providing safe and reliable boiling and chilled filtered drinking water, with this design even approved for correctional and aged care facilities. This unit comes in three different models with the option of either Side Touch, Side Safety Touch or the Top Touch tap featured.

HT1746 - G4 Industrial BC 160/125

HT1747 - G4 Industrial BC 160/175

HT1748 - G4 Industrial BC 240/175


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Zip Colour

Zip Colour

Unique design

Zip has proudly manufactured the world's most advanced drinking water appliance.  The Zip HydroTap Platinum Design Range features six designs and twelve contemporary on-trend colours, ready to fit any kitchen style, from traditional to contemporary. Enjoy irresistible instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water in premium finishes including rose gold, brushed rose gold, gold, brushed gold, platinum, gunmetal, brushed nickel and nickel. 

Zip’s stunning new Platinum Design Range has even clinched a 2015 Good Design Award. Eliminate the need for water bottled in your fridge and a kettle on your benchtop. Transform your kitchen into a clutter free and safe environment.

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Zip Wall Mount Boiling Water


Zip Hydroboil

With safety, durability and simplicity in mind, the wall mounted Zip Hydroboil with integrated filtration is designed to easily handle the demands of busy workplaces and commercial kitchens. It employs twin chamber boiling water steam-heat-boost™ technology to recycle energy from steam to pre-heat the incoming cold water, G4 energy management and recovery technology and a programmable digital touch screen display with 3 energy saving modes. The Zip Hydroboil is equipped with a 2 way cool touch safety tap and saves power when needed while ensuring boiling water is always available on demand. 

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Zip Autoboil

Ideal for canteens and cafes, the simple to-use wall mounted Zip Autoboil with integrated filtration offers great-tasting, instant boiling water as needed. Featuring a twin chamber boiling water steam-heat-boost™ technology to recycle energy from steam to pre-heat the incoming cold water, highly accurate temperature control and a programmable digital display with 2 energy saving modes. The Zip Econoboil has a 444 grade Stainless Steel tank wrapped with high performance insulation and a two way classic tap.

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Zip Econoboil

The first choice for site sheds and short-term tenancies, the wall mounted Zip Econoboil provides instant boiling water for tea, coffee and soup. Featuring a twin chamber boiling water steam-heat-boost™ technology to recycle energy from steam to pre-heat the incoming cold water, thermostat temperature control and a 444 grade stainless Steel boiling water tank wrapped with high performance insulation to ensure the healthiest water and optimum efficiency. The Econoboil® is equipped with a two-way classic tap and an external filter can be fitted if desired.


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Zip Free Standing Chilled Water


Zip Chillmaster

A cost-effective and energy-efficient way to provide instant chilled water in reception areas, schools and factories. Sturdy and built to last with easy-to-clean stainless steel bowl and case. The free standing Zip Chillmaster with integrated filtration features a bubbler to quench your thirst and a carafe for filling cups and bottles. It has a capacity of one hundred and forty cups per hour.

CM1501 - Free Standing Chilled Water CMBCF140SFMV

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zip wall mounted and recessed

Zip Wall-Mounted and Recessed

Designed to handle high-traffic as well as space-poor areas, the Zip recessed and wall-mounted bubbler and taps are ideal for any public place. With multiple configurations available, the products can be installed to suit adult, child or wheelchair usage.


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